November 18, 2014

Copeland students strive to be positive leaders during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Students at Copeland Public School are focusing their learning on positive leadership, both digitally and in person, during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week, taking place from Nov. 17 to 21. Throughout the week, announcements and PowerPoint presentations will be shared daily to motivate students to create a positive "footprint" with their actions and words. Other activities planned include:

  • an interactive art activity made by grade 5 students for the entire school, where kindergarten to grade 5 students will show “how nice they are.” Classes will have the opportunity to walk around the gallery and appreciate the different ways actions and words can be use positively
  • a digital citizenship lesson about safe choices on the Internet and with peers
  • a “colour house” assembly, where students at all grade levels will work together to complete an activity related to this week's theme.​​
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