February 19, 2014

Streetsville Secondary School student selected as 2014 Loran Scholar

We would like to congratulate Justina Marianayagam of Streetsville Secondary School for being chosen as one of 30 Loran Scholars for 2014!
The Loran Scholarship is given to students who demonstrate  qualities that are not apparent upon a transcript alone.  The award recognizes "personal integrity and character; commitment to service and an entrepreneurial spirit; breadth in academic and extra-curricular interests; strongly developed inner-directedness; and outstanding overall potential for leadership".
17 year-old Justina lives with fibromyalgia, a chronic widespread pain syndrome which makes everyday tasks a challenge. She is committed to overcoming her own obstacle and continues to give back to others. After being elected as Student Council President within her high school, she helped organize a school drive, collecting 751 pounds of food items for her local food bank. Justina continues to volunteer at the food bank and also dedicates her spare time to a local homeless shelter, preparing and serving hot meals to those in need.

This year, over 3,500 students applied for the scholarship. Justina went through a series of rigorous interviews at the regional and national levels, where she had the opportunity to meet current scholars, CEOs, national chairs, alumni and finalists from across the country.

The award includes:
• a renewable award comprising of a $9,000 living stipend matched by a tuition waiver from one of 25 partner universities
• $8,500 in funding for three kinds of scholar-initiated summer internships (private sector, public policy and personal/community development)
• scholars are paired with mentors who will challenge them and introduce them to their new community; scholars are expected to use these opportunities to broaden and enrich their academic studies.

Justina’s terrific contributions to her school and community have also been recognized by OCNA (Ontario Community Newspapers Association) who have selected her as an Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year 2013  This award is given to youth aged six to 17 who are making a difference in their communities.

For more details on the Loran Scholarship: http://loranscholar.ca/2014-scholars/

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