June 26, 2019

Camilla Road Sr. Public School’s Eco Team successfully advocates for climate action

​On June 19, the Environmental Action Committee at the City of Mississauga adopted Resolution 0149-2019 after a request put forward by the Eco Team at Camilla Road Senior Public School for a Declaration of Climate Emergency.


The goal was to encourage the council to declare a climate change emergency for the city. Students took turns addressing the urgency of the situation. They spoke to the speed at which Canada is warming in comparison to other countries and reminding the council that according to the IPCC report, climate change will be irreversible past 2030 if nothing is done.

As part of Resolution 0149-2019, the city will also be creating an action plan to "help achieve net zero emissions and increased renewable energy by 2050. It also made an amendment that states "climate change is a real and urgent crisis, driven by human activity, that impacts the environment, biodiversity, human health and the economy".

The city's climate change action plan will be brought forward for approval by the end of 2019.

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Students offered a variety of recommendations, including green jobs, expanding and improving storm water projects, building passive houses and retrofitting older ones, support tree planting, transforming lawns into gardens and rooftop gardening, designing walkable communities, making public transit more affordable, encourage more people to bike, purchase pollution-free cars and more.

In addition to the Resolution, the Council will also review the 12 Climate Change Improvement Ideas brought forward by students at Camilla Road as they work on creating the action plan.

"These students have become young advocates who understand that this crisis is no longer just their parents' problem. It will affect their future and they won't just sit around and let it happen. They are taking action".

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