May 1, 2018

Caledon East’s Junior Enhanced Learning Class explores quantum technology

The Junior Enhanced Learning Class (J.E.L.C.) program at Caledon East Public School is currently exploring quantum technology and discovering the ways in which humans and machines interact. Throughout the study students will consider questions considering how the quantum world works, do intentions affect machine output, and consciousness.

To help facilitate this study, the school invited Brenda J. Dunne, former lab manager of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab and president of International Consciousness Research Laboratories.

The study combined mindfulness and scientific inquiry and utilized a random event generator to help students improve self-awareness. Students generated their own inquiries, investigating whether factors such as mood, A.D.H.D., or whether belief in the device working would affect their ability to interface with the random event generator.

The project had students participate in inquiry centres, design their own science experiments with random event generators, and create artistic models of their scientific theories and write a personal reflection using the "All About Me" format – a portfolio of student learning to help plan their next steps in their educational careers. The "All About Me" portfolio comes from the Ontario Ministry of Education's Creating Pathways to Success.

The worldview expanding experience was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education through the Community Connected Experiential Learning Project grant and the school's community partners at International Consciousness Research Laboratories.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or participating in this experiential learning opportunity next year, please contact [email protected].

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