December 1, 2015

Neighbourhood police officers play key role in student safety


At the Peel District School Board, the safety of our students and staff is at the core of everything we do. To help keep students safe, schools in Brampton and Mississauga are assigned two Neighbourhood Police Unit officers (NPUs) from Peel Regional Police, while Caledon schools are designated School Resource Officers (SROs) from Ontario Provincial Police

Through regular school visits, these officers ensure student safety and well-being by: 
  • working directly with parents and staff to ensure students are on the right path to succeed
  • acting as police liaison officers between school officials and our local police service 
  • investigating incidents and conduct follow-ups at schools
  • educating staff and students on emergency preparedness exercises for school incidents
  • helping to organize community events, e.g. charity sport events held at the school
  • delivering presentations on topics including: fraud, drugs, gangs, cyber-bullying and personal safety
  • implementing Problem Orienting Policing (POP) projects that are aimed at identifying and resolving problems within a school and community that interfere with the safe school learning environment
“A positive interaction with our youth as police officers is very important for growing trust and good relationships now and for the future,” says Constable Kathy Kulbak, former NPU officer with Peel Regional Police. 

Constable Kulbak is just one example of the many NPU officers and SROs who have made a lasting impact in our school communities. Her last duty was served at Port Credit Secondary Schoo​l, located in Mississauga. 

“Constable Kulbak was a positive role model for all students. They quickly came to see her as an ally, an advocate and a caring adult,” says Abedeen Remtulla, principal at Port Credit. “Though her primary responsibility was to enforce the law, she distinguished herself with her care for each and every student who came in contact with her.”  

From engaging in extracurricular activities, including sports and charity events, to giving presentations on bullying and personal safety, our NPU officers are valued members of our school communities.​
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