September 12, 2020

IMPT UPDATE for PDSB Online School families

​Dear PDSB Online School families,

Over the last few days, we have seen a significant increase in families switching from in-person learning to the PDSB Online School​. We now have over 64,000 students enrolled online, which is an increase of over 10,000 students in the last week.  

Due to this recent increase in online enrolment, we require additional time to staff online classes and reconfigure timetables to ensure an equitable and successful start for all staff and students online. As a result, we have made some changes to the PDSB Online School experience for this upcoming week:

Elementary (K-8):

  • From Sept. 14 to 18, elementary students will be provided with online learning experiences to complete at their own pace. These learning experiences will be organized by grade level and connected to the Ontario and Alternative curriculum, with a focus on numeracy and literacy. For students with Special Education needs, parents are encouraged to review the Individual Education Plan (IEP) when selecting learning experiences.  While parents/caregivers are able to assist their child with these activities, they have been designed to build independence for students.​

    Each morning, beginning Sept. 14, we will post these activities to our PDSB Online School Learning website—click on "Elementary Students" when you visit the website.

  • PDSB Online School staff and teachers will connect with families on Sept. 17 or 18 to welcome students, and provide more details about online instruction, schedules and tools.  

  • Live online classes with teachers will begin on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020 for elementary students.

Secondary (9-12):

  • From Sept. 15 to 21, secondary students will work on a cross-curricular independent inquiry project aligned to particular core subjects (i.e. English, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences). These projects will be reviewed by teachers as a pre-instruction assessment opportunity to gauge where students are in their learning. Access to project details will be available on our PDSB Online School Learning website on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

  • By Sept. 18, students will receive their timetable for the quadmester through their Peel student email accounts.

  • Live online classes with course teachers will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 for secondary students.
For families who didn't have an opportunity to access orientation information last week, we have posted online activities on our website that will help to ease your child/teen's transition to online learning. Your online teacher will be able to address any questions you have about these materials when they connect with you. If you have questions about resetting your email password or requests for devices, please contact your community school.

These are truly unprecedented times, and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition back to school and as we navigate this new way of teaching and learning. We remain committed to providing all students with a high-quality education, whether they are learning in person or online.

We will provide more details to PDSB Online School families and staff in the upcoming days. For more information about the PDSB Online School, including orientation information, courses, curriculum and delivery, visit and click on "PDSB Online School". We will continue to update our website throughout the week, including new family handbooks and contact information for online school principals. 

Thank you again for your ongoing patience and understanding during this transitional time.

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