August 12, 2020

New information on Peel board reopening plans and change regarding switching learning models

​Dear Peel District School Board Families,​

We are communicating to share additional information on the Peel District School Board's reopening plans, which includes an important change to the process for switching between in-person and distance learning models. Although we had hoped to provide families with as much flexibility as possible, upon further exploration, taking into account assessment and reporting timelines, we have determined that we are not able to allow for switching between learning options at any time throughout the school year.

As such, below are the revised processes for switching between learning options:


Elementary students may switch from distance learning to in-person learning at key dates throughout the school year. Families will have until Sept. 10, 2020 at 3 p.m. to inform their Principal. We anticipate another opportunity to change learning models mid-November.

Elementary students who opt for distance learning will be enrolled in our PDSB Online School, where they will be taught remotely by a Peel board educator. This educator may not be a teacher at your child's physical school.

After the key entry deadline passes, students will remain in the PDSB Online School until the next key entry time. A process will be developed to facilitate this transition.

Families will have the option to transition their child(ren) from in-person learning to distance learning throughout the school year. Schools will work with families to determine the least disruptive timing for a transition to distance learning. Since this transition will result in a move to a different teacher, every effort will be made to provide students with a continuous learning experience.


Secondary students may switch from distance learning to the adaptive learning model up until the end of the first week of school. After that, if students have selected full distance learning, they will remain in the PDSB Online School for the duration of the quadmester.

If students choose to attend school in-person and would like to switch to the PDSB Online School, they may be able to do so, as long as the course is offered online. Schools will work with students to help facilitate this process.

How to update/confirm your child's return to school plans through the Intention to Return to School Form

We know these changes may impact families' pre-registration decisions. Families who wish to change their decision can update their Intention to Return to School Form by Noon on Aug. 17, 2020.

To update the form: 

  1. Click on the form link in the email that was sent directly to every student's board-provided Gmail account
  2. After you click on the link it will open the form and you will see a message that says "You've already responded". Click on the text link at the bottom that says "Edit your response"
  3. Fill out the form again and submit it once completed

If you have registered a child for the first time in the Peel board before Aug. 6, 2020, you would have received a separate email to the email address you provided on the registration form with instructions on how to access your child's Gmail account. If you registered your child for school after Aug. 6, 2020 or require support with accessing your child's student Gmail account, please email [email protected]

As a reminder, all parents/guardians must confirm their child's return-to-school plans by Noon on Aug. 17, 2020.  

New additional resources on school reopening

To help you make an informed decision, preliminary, draft information about our reopening plans, including enhanced health and safety protocols, and school routines are available at We have added overviews for elementary and secondary students and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to the webpage. Translated versions of the elementary and secondary overviews will be available soon. We plan to share our full reopening plans with families on Thurs. Aug 13. ​

Please note that these plans may change as the situation evolves. We will update the website regularly as information is confirmed. If you have any additional questions and/or concerns regarding your child(ren)'s return to school in September that have not been answered on our website, please email them to [email protected].  Due to an expected high volume of emails, we will not be able to respond to individual emails, but will post answers to Frequently Asked Questions on

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to prioritize the safety, health and well-being of staff and students as we carefully plan for reopening, working within government direction and public health recommendations. ​

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