June 5, 2020

Test email with instructions for upcoming report card distribution

Dear Peel District School Board Families,

As you know, all Peel board schools will be releasing Report Cards electronically to students later this month. To ensure that this new distribution method is secure, safe and protects the privacy of students, we will be sending a test email on June 5 to all student email accounts in preparation of report card distribution.

The test email will be sent from [email protected] and will include an encrypted message that students will be instructed to open. This email will not include student Report Cards—those will be coming later this month.

Once you receive the test email, follow the instructions attached/listed below:

  • STEP ONE: We encourage students to save the [email protected] email address to their contact list so they can safely receive future communication from this email address related to report cards.

  • STEP TWO: Once students open the email, they may see an alert in a yellow rectangle at the top of the email, titled Be careful with this message. Students must click on the "Looks safe" button in this section in order to proceed with the next step.
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.16.04 AM.png
  • STEP THREE: Students will be required to click on the file that is attached to the email – this attachment is known as the "Encrypted Email". It is a secure method that will allow the board to safely send student report cards to families. Please note that some internet browsers and/or computers may request for you to download this file prior to opening it.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.16.11 AM.png

  • STEP FOUR: Once you open the encrypted email attached, you will be prompted to a screen titled Registered Envelope Service that shows the student's email address. Please click on the "Open" button. Please note that some students may experience a delay before the "Open" button appears. Please wait a couple of minutes for the page to load and do not click the refresh button.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.15.28 AM.png

  • STEP FIVE: This will take you to the Encrypted Email where you will find a sample PDF attached. When Report Cards are distributed electronically, your Report Card will be sent in a PDF format, as an attachment to the encrypted Email – similarly to the attachment in this email.
    Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 8.16.45 AM.png
  • STEP SIX: Once you've opened the encrypted email, students/families have the option to:
    • download and save the PDF attachment to your computer
    • ​forward this encrypted message – please be mindful of who you share your report card information with. It should only be forwarded to a parent/guardian.

  • STEP SEVEN: Once you're finished, please close the browser.

Students are encouraged to save the [email protected] email address to their contact list so they can safely receive future communication from this email address related to report cards.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we explore this new process. Once the testing phase is completed, the Peel District School Board will communicate with families about when and how Report Cards will be distributed to students electronically.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with your teacher directly.​

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