April 19, 2017

Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting - April 19, 2017


Complete Agenda

1. Call to Order
 1.1 Approval of Agenda
2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Minutes
 3.1 Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting March 27, 2017

4. Chair's Request for Written Questions from Committee Members

5. Notices of Motion and Petitions

6. Delegations

7. Ministry and Board Policy Review

8. Program Review
 8.1 Advancing Equity and Inclusion in the Peel District School Board: A Study of Teaching Assistant Staffing Practices in Special Education

9. Reports from Officials and Staff/Department Work Plan Review
 9.1 Superintendent’s Report – oral
 9.2 Special Education Plan Development -  Section C:  Intellectual – Gifted
 9.3 Supplement to the Special Education Plan – Developmental Disability
 9.4 Student Transition Planning and the Role of the Transition Facilitator
 9.5 Updated Special Education Advisory Committee Member List
10. Communications - for Action or Receipt

11. Response of Administration to Former Questions

12. Reports from Representatives on Councils/Associations
13. Questions asked of and by Committee Members
14. Public Question Period

15. Adjournment 

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