April 26, 2016

Regular Meeting of the Board - April 26, 2016


Complete Board Agenda
 Updates to Agenda

1. Call to Order 
 National Anthem
 Approval of Agenda

 Special Presentations

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Minutes

 3.1 Special Education Advisory Committee, March 29, 2016

 3.2 Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee, March 30, 2016

 3.3 Physical Planning and Building Committee, April 5, 2016

 3.4 Regular Meeting of the Board, April 12, 2016

 3.5 Special Education Advisory Committee, April 18, 2016 (will be available on a future agenda)

4. Chair's Request for Written Questions from Trustees

5. Notices of Motion and Petitions

6. Special Section for Receipt

 6.1 Retirements

 6.2 Good News

 6.3 School Year Calendars:  2016-2017

 6.4 Police Appreciation Week

 6.5 Letter from the Chair of the Bluewater District School Board regarding a motion that was passed to write to the Executive Director of OFSAA to review the current regulation with respect to student athletes transferring between schools

7. Delegations

 7.1 Request to delegate:  Baljinder Tamber regarding the soccer fields at Marvin Heights Public School

8. Old Business

 8.1 Response to Delegation:  Ibtisaam Muslun regarding registration in the French Immersion

 8.2 Response to Delegation:  Man Cao regarding admission to the French Immersion program at Fairlawn Public School
 8.3 Response to Delegation:  John Walmark regarding the proposed closure of Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

 8.4 Response to Delegation:  Martin Singh regarding the cancellation of trips to Europe

9. New Business

 9.1 Recommendations of the Special Education Advisory Committee, March 29, 2016)

 9.2 Recommendations of the Instructional Programs/Curriculum Committee,March 30, 2016
 9.3 Recommendations of the Special Education Advisory Committee, April 18, 2016 (will be available on a future agenda)

 9.4 Change to Board By-laws

 9.5 Notice of Appointment of two Trustees (and two alternates) to the OPSBA Board of Directors:  June 2016-June 2017

10. Reports from Officials and Staff
11. Director’s Report

12. Reports from Ontario Public School Boards’ Association

 12.1 OPSBA Fast Report:  Vol. 28, No. 8

13. Communications - For Action or Receipt

14. Response of Administration to Former Questions
15. Reports from Trustee Representatives on Councils/Associations

16. Comments or Questions from Board Members

17. Public Question Period

18. Further Business

19. Adoption of the In Committee Reports

20. Adjournment

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