January 21, 2013

Castlebrooke Secondary School launches its technology learning commons with a Battle-Bots competition

On Jan. 11 and 14, Mr. Anderson’s Computer Technology TEJ2O0 class participated in a Battle-Bots competition to officially launch Castlebrooke Secondary School's new Technology Learning Commons (TLC)—a shared learning space that supports physical and virtual learning.

As their final project for the semester, students worked in teams to build and program battle-bots made from LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits. Students demonstrated their computer engineering skills by understanding how sensors and actuators work (Ultrasonic range finding, colour recognition, and servos) in order to program their bot to compete in a sumo-style wrestling competition.

The TLC facilitates student learning through exploration, experimentation and collaboration. Every piece of furniture in the TLC can be easily moved including the book stacks. Electrical and data drops have been placed to support the flexibility of the space, allowing students and staff the ability to create their own learning environments. Meanwhile, the Virtual Technology Learning Commons gives students and staff access to learning resources anytime and anywhere.


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