December 3, 2012

Second Meeting of the Board - December 3, 2012

Open Session 

1. Call to Order
    Approval of Agenda

2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Minutes

 3.1 Organizational Meeting of the Board, December 3, 2012
  (will be available on a future agenda)

4. Chair’s Request for Written Questions from Trustees

5. Notices of Motion and Petitions

6. Special Section for Approval or Receipt

7. New Business

 7.1 Report of the Striking Committee  (to be distributed)

 7.2 Adjournment for Standing Committees to Elect Chair

 7.3 Election of Chair of the Human Resources & Negotiations Advisory Committee

 7.4 Appointments to Advisory/Ad Hoc Committees

8. Questions Asked of and by Board Members

9. Public Question Period

10. Further Business

11. Adjournment

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