December 17, 2013

Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting - December 17, 2013

 Complete Agenda

1. Call to Order
    1.1 Approval of Agenda
    1.2 Election of Chair and Vice Chair of SEAC
2. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

3. Minutes

    3.1 Special Education Advisory Committee Meeting, November 19, 2013

4. Chair's Request for Written Questions from Committee Members

5. Notices of Motion and Petitions
6. Delegations

7. Ministry and Board Policy Review
8. Program Review
    8.1 Support Student Transition in Peel – presentation by Ana Pauchulo and Ryan Machete  (oral)
    8.2 Mental Health update – presentation by Maureen MacKay and Donna Sherman (oral)
9. Reports from Officials and Staff/Department Work Plan Review
    9.1 Updated Special Education Advisory Committee Member List  
    9.2 DSM-5: Intellectual Disability
    9.3 Fix the Formula: Fund Peel Students Fairly – The Facts on Special Education Funding

10. Communications - for Action or Receipt
     10.1 Letter from the Canadian Mental Health Association regarding nomination of Nancy Bratkovic as its representative replacing Sandy Milakovic on the Special Education Advisory Committee
     10.2 Letter to Sandy Milakovic from Janet McDougald to confirm Peel Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association’s resignation to Special Education Advisory Committee
     10.3 Letter to Nancy Bratkovic from Janet McDougald to confirm Canadian Mental Health Association – Peel Branch as the representative to Special Education Advisory Committee
     10.4 Letter to Minister Liz Sandals from SEAC Chair, Near North District School Board Re: Special Education Funding Model

11. Response of Administration to Former Questions
12. Reports from Representatives on Councils/Associations

13. Questions asked of and by Committee Members

14. Public Question Period

15. Adjournment

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Teacher Hiring
Secretarial/Clerical/Library Technician Hiring
Adult Credit Program Hiring
Continuing Education Hiring